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affected any flights at salinas airport. ktvu's claudine wong is heading to the scene and will have a live report shortly. >>> we'res following this -- we're also following this story, seven people stranded on a boat. the coast guard says their boat became stuck last night near solano county. newschopper2 got some shots over the scene and is live there right now. you can see the boat and what it's stick in, the shallow water. have you four adults and three children aboard the boat and very shallow waters. as our camera pans to the left, look towards the top of your screen. there is a coast guard boat approaching them. it's closed but it's still far away because of the shallow waters that coast guard boat is taking -- there it is. there's the coast guard. rescue boat is slowly approaching that stranded boat right now. so again, you've got four adults, three kids on that stranded boat near ri rer island in the concord area. the coast guard is nearby. nobody is hurt. nobody is in danger. they just can't get them off right now. >>> we're learning more about the jealous rage that appears to hav
the gasline explosion decimated a neighborhood nearby. claudine wong joins us with more on that part of the story, including the victims trying to rebuild their lives. claudine? >> reporter: good afternoon, kraig. it's been one week since fire devastated this neighborhood. people are still trying to deal with what's happened out here. we've seen a range of emotions, from sadness, to shock, to frustration. it's still hard to comprehend how much was lost. this is claremont drive today. just a shell of what it was. but this is a look of a picture of what claremont drive likely looked like a week ago, really, just a normal suburban street. now, if you take a look at where this house possibly was on claremont drive -- we want to show you what one home is like. the chimney is just really a shadow of what it was. that's what that house looked like a week ago. it's just one of the dozens lost. it's hard to imagine that someone would take a community ravaged like this and take and advantage of the officials. but local law enforcement says that's exactly what happens and they say it starts hap
's claudine wong joins us to learn if the search has made any progress. >> reporter: good afternoon. no, they've not made any progress. in fact, they've officially called this search off and still don't know who made this mayday call or why. but the coast guard does believe, they say, that the search has been extensive and they say new technology has -- was able to point them what -- point them in what they believe was right direction. >> mayday! >> reporter: that distress came in last night on marin channel 16. think of channel 16 as 911 for anyone on the water. >> the one thing we got was the word "mayday." and that's the signal for us to go out and search for anything. >> reporter: nothing else was ever heard from that caller. despite repeated efforts from the coast guard to get her back on the radio. >> vessel herring. vessel herring, this is the san francisco coast guard. >> mayday, united states coast guard, state your position and nature of your distress. >> reporter: so the coast guard immediately launched a search. even without any information on location, the coast guard says it was
. this morning we got word that iran will release one of the three to mark the end of ramadan. claudine wong is live in san francisco with some hopeful but cautious reaction. >> reporter: good afternoon. friends and family members that i have talked too to today are being very cautious with their emotions. this release would come at the end of ramadan. it's common on a holiday like this to have a release of prisoners and a talk of clemency. it's been a 405 days that has included a roller coaster of emotions. it seems everyone is holding their breath. iran's culture ministry did confirm today that one of three americans jailed for more than a year will be released on saturday. reporters were told by text message today that they could witness that release at the same hotel where the three americans met with their mothers in may. the information provided to reporters did not say which of the three, shane bauer, josh fattal, or sarah shourd would be released saturday. it's believed that it will be sarah shourd because of her health issues. they report she discover add lump in her breast. we talk
home, continues at ktvu.com. click on the "uc hickers" tab. >>> claudine wong is live with a new perspective with more on the san bruno blast. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we've moved down here to area where it used to be the 1700 block of claremont. this is what remains of people's homes and lives. this investigation is just getting underway. we're told a lot of it, at least on scene has been completed in terms of the ntsb. victims want to know how this could have happened and want to make sure this doesn't happen again. they also want to really know what's next. >> this morning bill magullihan waited for someone to tell him if he can go in his home, if it's safe, if he can go forward. >> i'm not hearing any information. that's what's frustrating. they upgraded my house from a red to a yellow tag. that's fantastic news. so hopefully i will hear something. i haven't heard a peep from the city. >> reporter: he can't get in. his home is still in the area blocked off, in the area still under investigation. the ntsb says it's focused on the 30-inch gas pipe that's exploded and
bruno, claudine wong, ktvu, channel 2 action news. >> a san bruno elementary school was evacuated this morning after a parent reported a smell similar to natural gas. we're told elementaries less than a mile from the explosion site. the school superintendent said they didn't want to take any chances and evacuated the 200 students. appears to have been a false alarm. peg inspected the schools and said the parent likely smelled carbon dioxide that had built up in one of the school's -- >> in san francisco galileo high school near fishermen's wharf was evacuated this afternoon. a spokesperson for the fire department said crews checked out the campus, but could not find the leak. everyone was allowed back on campus a half hour later. >> across the bay in oakland, peg said it punctureed a 3-inch steel gas pipe about 1:00 this afternoon. it happened in front of a building at the echols and east 18th street intersection. several people evacuated, and streets were closed. peg officials say the gas leak was capped about two hours ago. >>> a cargo ship arrived at the port of oakland today w
homes will be demolished. claudine wong's been on the scene owl morning and gives us an update. >> reporter: yes. we can show you two of those locations here on earl. behind me crews just stopping in the last couple minutes to take a break. that's one of the sites. if we pan up on to the hill you can see one of the excavators working on the secondary site. they are taking a lot of precautions this morning. we can tell you we've watched these crews wearing protective gear spraying down the sites with water to make sure that dust level stays down. and there are air monitors in and around this entire neighborhood to make sure that there's not any dangerous levels of partichat matter or gases. they're doing all of these in response to health concerns. but the county says it is determined to give this neighborhood back to san bruno. rick stopped for a moment on his morning run to look at the damage on claremont drive. he's run through this neighborhood every day since the explosion. >> i live a couple blocks from the actual blast site explosion off of earl. >> reporter: and you've b
at the site and this morning we were able to get a new perspective of the blast site. claudine wong joins us with details on that. >> reporter: good afternoon, yes, we can show you some of the activity going on inside of the disaster zone here in san bruno as demolition and cleanup continues for a second day out here. this morning we were able to get beyond the barricades to show you a rarely seen look at what it looks like inside the disaster zone. >> safety, safety, safety, a lot of dangerous situations, stay in a tight group. >> reporter: for the first time in days our cameras were allowed beyond the barricades. >> we have three main zones we are working in, really a zone, a, b and c. >> reporter: while we have seen the devastation, inside the disaster zone are compelling images that many have not seen, the flowers someone has placed in fronts of a home where lives were lost. there remains a playground just yards from the explosion site where residents told us so many children used to play. >> get it done and get it done right. >> reporter: inside the disaster zone you can hear another ch
's problems. ktvu's claudine wong tells us what they revealed about the key issues. >> reporter: they both came out swinging. there were a lot of jabs no knock out punch. >> reporter: that didn't surprise some people we talked to, some say these debates don't change minds just solidify their positions. >> i think everybody has got sort of their predisposition. i think that probably -- i mean there are definitely people that seem to come out ahead. personally i thought jerry brown came out ahead. he has got a little more experience in debates and so much. >> i think people have so much emotion that nobody is going to change anybody's mind anymore. >> reporter: according to the polls however, there are still quite a few people who have not made up their mind, 1-5, which is significant especially in a race considered to be a dead heat. analysts say she was stuff but stayed on message. she did apologize for not voting more in past records. >> i am not proud of my voting record. i apologize. it was not the right thing to do and no one is more embarrassed by it than me. >>> jerry brown as usual
of the shelters but first let's go to claudine wong. >> reporter: good morning, dave, yes, we are on glenview and skyview, as close to the command post as they will allow us at this hour. take a look but hind me we can see activity over there. we have seen fire instructions arrive and emergency personnel. ins chiewper two told us we are about three blocks from the actual fire area, firefighters are making progress, there is mostly smoke being seen so neighborhoods certainly much different from these pictures we saw yesterday and overnight when this explosion rocked the neighborhood last night and created -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- in its wake. at this hour the priority is still getting this fire out. again we are seeing a lot of smoke coming from that neighborhood. you have the victim's number expected to keep changing as they are trying to account for everyone. the lieutenant governor's office is also trying to get a handle on the situation. abel maldonado has declared a state of emergency. he was on scene this morning and is planning a briefing but -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: --
near natural gas lines. in the meantime, ktvu's claudine wong could have more. >>> we have been talking to people out here and they told us certainly the question of could this happen again weighs on their minds. pg&e is expected to release a list into areas of concern. and certainly people want to see that less. the question is, what are they going to do about that list? and that is still unclear this morning. now, san jose's mayor, chuck reed, said that the intersection of taz min and first is on the list. that's what he's been told by pg&e. and they are on this apparent list that could be released as early as today. but other than that, it doesn't appear the city has gotten much more. the city wants to make this list public. they have already made public areas of fremont, south san francisco, and livermore, that have been deemed high risk. but what this means in terms of an action plan, still not clear. and people we talked to this morning say they are worried. >> i would probably try to avoid those areas that are high risk. because obviously something bad happened once. and it is po
>>> let's get right to the top story. a killing spree. claudine wong is at a vallejo home with late-breaking information from police about chemicals found inside a home. >> reporter: this is a case that is so hard for everybody to wrap their heads around. there are so many part of it. there are at least five people dead. we have one man in custody. one man missing and then this issue of explosives. the bomb squad left this home in the last five minutes on upland court. i was told they found a lot of chemicals inside. among them ammonium, similar to whats with found in a storage locker on lemon street. investigators say they found 20- pounds of this ammonium, a chemical used to make explosives. this is the bomb squad. they said they cannot deal with this type of situation and they called in the atf instead and these two separate scenes. it wasn't just chemicals found in the upland court. the bodies of two women overnight. the police say it was a grisly scene. this is the home of 67-year-old dena allen. allen and her friend, carol smarkt, have been missing since wednesday. this is als
. the director of the p.u.c. requested them and pg&e has called a press conference for 1:00 today. claudine wong joins us live with more on what will be on the list. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yes, the p.u.c. made its request on friday and pg&e has this 1:00 press conference scheduled. we're told we get to see that list. the list will be the top 100. you no we have spent -- now we've spent this morning dealing with what will be on that list. this morning, it was a typical scene at tazman and 1st. no one seemed overly concerned about the pipe running underground. but chuck reed says he's already been that that section of pipeline will be on the list. but pg&e didn't give any details as to why. >> we don't know the specific locations of the section. we don't know what they plan to do about it. so we're anxious, like everybody else, about what needs to be done. >> reporter: this is the director sent to pg&e's president. it asks for seven areas of information. eventually they want to know which projects is high priority. and what specific public safety concerns put
one person reported smelling gas before the explosion. ktvu's claudine wong is talking to those federal investigators this morning and joins you now -- and joins us now with this live report. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes, it's been almost a week since this fireball and explosion and fire here in san bruno. there are still so many questions. the ntsb is out here this morning. we're getting more information about where this investigation is headed. key among the question is how did this start, obviously and why did it burn so long? let's talk about the cause. the ntsb has been asking for anyone to come forward if they smelled gas in the days leading up to the explosion. there have been about 90 e- mails sent to the ntsb. but the ntsb said they only had one person who smelled gas and that was two or three weeks before this happened. if they didn't smell gas, that would be a clue. >> if people smell gas in advance, that suggests a failure, where gas is coming out and people smell it. that's a different kind of failure than a catastrophic failure. that would help us determine
gubernatorial debate. that debate is being held at uc davis. that's where ktvu's claudine wong is standing by live with all the details. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we've moved to the law center this morning which is just a short disanswer away from where the debate will be held tonight. we came over here to talk to professor who is a law professor here, associate dean of academic affairs. we wanted to talk about this debate. first gubernatorial debate. a lot of people make up their minds sometimes after this debate. what does it mean to have it here at uc davis? >> i think it's a nice opportunity for the campus to show the growth that has occurred over the last ten years. and i think davis' proximity to the bay area and sacramento area make it kind of a good venue for something like this. >> reporter: that being said, what are your expectations for this debate? i know the law school's also been in session you said for about a month. your expectations and you heard students talking about what they're hoping to get out of this? >> i think debates tend to be as g
news out of vallejo where the chp is on the scene of several accidents. ktvu's claudine wong is there now on the scene this morning. claudine, what can you tell us? >> reporter: pam, it's a pretty incredible scene here on highway 37 at 29. let me show you the problem out here. take a look at all this cable that's in front of the road. this is very heavy metal cable that spilled out on to the roadway a little over an hour and a half ago. we're not sure what happened except we know this truck who was carrying all this cable on a trailer actually spilled the load onto this highway. and then cars coming behind it actually hit it. we talked to a driver who actually said he was coming out of the darkness all of a sudden he sees the cable, hits it, it busts open. [ indiscernible ] [ audio problems ] this gentleman actually walking by flipped over. fortunately he was okay. at least five accidents have come as a result of this crash. right now what they're trying to do is clean it up. it's so heavy however you can see them trying to cut it. they have to cut it before they can pull it
are these two missing women. ktvu's claudine wong is following that part of the story. she will have a report coming up at 5:30. >>> we will continue our team coverage of this still developing story. crow can also get more information by going to our channel 2 website, ktvu.com. >> well, preparations are underway for the first major debate of the election season. jade hernandez is at st. mary's college ahead of tonight's face off between senator barbara boxer and her republican challenger carl i fiorina, jade. >> reporter: both candidates have been campaigning but tonight's debate is very important. we are live at st. mary's college this morning where yesterday workers were still getting the stage ready. this is the first and so far only scheduled debate. this is employees and workers getting ready for the debate tonight. it is a much anticipated discussion between the two candidates and one all experts are eyeing to see who prevails. senator barbara boxer the incumbent, has been elected three times, the first back in 1993. she spoke to the commonwealth yesterday in san francisco and although
at redwood shores yesterday afternoon. we have claudine wong with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we are in a bit of a holding pattern at redwood shores lagoon as we wait for the ntsb to arrive. until they finish their investigation, this plane will stay in the water. there are two victims that are also still in the water. that is not going to change until the investigation is complete. this 1961 twin engine beechcraft twin air crashed before noon yesterday. witnesses say they heard sounds that sounded like engine problems and reported the plane banking to the right before going nose first into the water. on that plane, 92-year-old bob borrmann, the founder of an east palo alto steel company, bill heinke, a flight instructor and his girlfriend. the plane was taken out of the water and police realized two more bodies were in it. >> they are in the immediate area of the plane. i'm not sure where they are in relation to the plane. they have been located. they are in a position where they cannot be pulled up without disturbing the plane. >> reporter: now we know witnesses tried to get ou
if there is any updates but certainly this is a mystery and they want to make sure she is okay. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a livermore father is in jail this morning on suspicion of stabbing his 14-year-old son 11 times. it all happened yesterday when 48-year-old gary gomez took his wife, his son and his son's friends fishing open the bet thane reservoir, he became angry when one of the friends said he had to go home. investigators say when his son interfered gomez stabbed the boy 11 times with a fishing knife. the wife was stabbed also. none of the injuries are life- threatening. >>> san francisco police are investigating the cause of a crash that killed two and injured three. the victims robbie mccam and nick parmento were recent graduates of oceana high. former graduates gathered and brought flowers and shared memories. >> it is heartbreaking for all of us. >> police say they were riding in a honda that turned perpendicular to traffic, when an oncoming toyota carrying three people crashed into the side of their car. the three victims were transported to the hospital with life-t
for several hours and were not able to find her but claudine wong now tells us authorities have now found her. she will have all the details coming up at 6:30. >>> also the chp wants to knowy a teenage girl jumped out of a moving car on a freeway. investigators think she may have jumped out after an argument with her boyfriend. the girl was treated for minor injuries then released to her parents. her boyfriend is in jail this morning, he is facing charges of resisting arrest. >> some homeless people say a mcdonalds is trying to get rid of them by eliminating its dollar menu. jade hernandez joins us now from san francisco with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. a buck used to go a long way at mcdonalds. it used to get you a god size mcdouble. not anymore. we are live at this mock donald's in the height ashbury neighborhood, the only mcdonalds which has done away with its dollar menu. the sign says no trespassing, no lightering and a 30 minute time limit while consuming food, all rules could curb problems this particular mcdonalds has had with the homeless outside its doors, the chro
begin our team coverage this morning with claudine wong. where are you and what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: pam, we are as close to the fire line as they will allow us here on skyview. this is the command post, the staging area. there are two lines of police tape leading to that area. they don't want anyone getting closer. they are declaring this a crime scene and pushing everyone back. this has been an unbelievable scene for hours. it rocked this scene and created an inferno that destroyed dozens of homes in its wake. the priority is to get the fire out, which at last estimate was only 50% contained. -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- lieutenant- governor abel maldonado, the acting governor was on the scene from 1:30 to 4:00. he has declared a state of emergency and pland a briefing hours from now. and, of course you have everyone asking how this happened. everything points to this being a natural gas explosion. a full investigation was underway but aman said they were warn in signs. >> every day i could smell that smell from the gutter and sewer. a week and a hal
found in his car. he was also arrested there. claudine wong is following this very complicated case. she will be back with more on the investigation in a live report later this hour. >>> vallejo police are investigating another homicide this morning. the victim, 21-year-old darrell brackston of vallejo, found shot to death in the driver's seat of a van on callier vista avenue sunday night. no arrests have been made. a motive is still under investigation. >> a warning for women in the south bay this morning after a jogger was attacked along a trail. that happened near the south end of ?el avenue outside san jose city limits around 7:45 sunday morning. investigators say the suspect grabbed the victim, pushed her into an oak we duct and tried to sexually assault her. she managed to fight him off and escape. we talked with people who live nearby. >> i hope the man is caught and -- and justice is served. i mean, there is no way that something like that should happen to anyone. >> the suspect is described as latino in his 20s, 5'6," 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. morgan hill police
the homes destroyed in the fire. ktvu's claudine wong is out there and live with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the process of rebuilding and moving forward takes a big step forward this morning as you said in just a couple of hours work is expected to begin out here. the process of clearing these homes gets underway. homes that have become a debris field out here. yesterday heavy demolition equipment started coming into the area. and victims had one last chance to go through what is left of their homes to try to salvage what they could. some cars were also towed away by insurance companies. there are 37 homes that need to be demolished. 37 homes destroyed by this fire. it promises to be an emotional time for this neighborhood. but i can tell you neighbors we talked to since this happened has also said it's difficult to move forward when this is what your neighborhood looks like. still some others say they are worried that when this all gets demolished the chance of recovering even a little momentos will be gone. >> don't worry. our home is destroyed. there's p
accused of killing his girlfriend and police in two bay area cities are investigating it. claudine wong is live with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. dave. yes, we are at glen copark this morning because that parking lot was just one of the crime scenes in this. this is where police believe the killing may have happened but this is not where the body was found. this story took several twists and turns and a couple of confessions before he was caught and the body was discovered. the story began at 1:20 yesterday when police say he called his wife and confessed to killing his girlfriend. his wife called 911. police went to check the home but find no sign of her. at some point they got a call of a truck in this parking lot. it was empty but covered with what police say is bold. that obviously intensified the search. at 5:45 the story took another turn when a co-worker called police and told them he had driven to his home and confessed to him the killing of his girlfriend. so the co-workers called police. police got there and then found the body of a woman who it ap
than unusual. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. >>> in other news, san jose police have now released surveillance photos of two terrifying attacks at an atm. ktvu's jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: good morning. two armed robberies took place at this chase location. this morning we noticed you didn't have to swipe a card to get inside. but san jose police say they do have surveillance pictures taken inside this atm vestibule of a man they say is responsible for two attacks. san jose police want you to look at these pictures taken from two different armed robberies because they believe the same man robbed the women. one attack took place saturday, august 28th, around 6:40 a.m. the robber had a knife and placed his arm around the victim's neck while demanding money. he then ran away in a direction the woman did not see. the second armed robbery took place earlier this month on september 2nd. that robbery happened after midnight. the robber knocked the victim down to the ground and ran away. this victim did not see a weapon, but he wrapped his arm around he
missing since yesterday. claudine wong was there when that search ended. she talked to the woman. claudine is now live in concord with all of the details. what happened? >> reporter: well, the mystery has been solved. this woman is safe, 21-year-old amanda sloan, is behind the fence still underneath the overpass there with some friends. police had been searching for her since yesterday afternoon since she called 911 complaining of chest pains saying she fell out of her wheelchair. police found her underneath the freeway. she told them she's fine and doesn't need help. >> my phone died. >> reporter: your phone died. >> how are you feeling now? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: you don't want to go to the hospital now? >> no. no. >> reporter: but you're okay? >> yes. >> reporter: were you surprised when they showed up here? >> yes. i'm just really stressed out. >> apparently a witness came out to you this morning and said he had seen her and checked her and she's fine. >> reporter: police said they did search this area extensively yesterday. sloan been says -- says she's been here the whole time. po
begins to search the waters off marin county. it's in response to a frantic may day call. claudine wong has an update. >> good morning. i'm waiting for the coast guard to get back to me. we know yesterday, they spanned this area, from here, south to angel island. they are looking for the distressed caller. the problem is they don't know who or what they are looking for. all they know is a female caller called in a may day shortly before 10:00 last night. there was very little information. here's what the coast guard said this morning about that call. >> it was a woman calling, i have a may day. listen to me. listen to me. i have a may day. the coast guard of san francisco was able to reestablish communication with the woman. they never heard back from her. >> reporter: they also put out a call to other vessels for any type of distressed voters. they did send two vessels out on the water to search the waters for any sign of a distressed voter -- boater and that came up empty. they say this is like someone calling 911. so they take this as an emergency and take it very seriously. they wer
of at least two major cities they are on the list. claudine wong is in san jose where you just spoke to chuck reed for his reaction. >> reporter: good morning. yes, mayor reed says he is not surprised that this area made the legs of the 100 high-risk pipeline. it's a large city and a lot of the area could be collected. they haven't gotten a lot of information yet. he's still waiting for more information to figure out where san jose goes from here. what we do know at this point, there are two intersections that will be on the list. one is on the intersection of 1st and tazman and there's another one with the border with milpitas. mayor reed said he didn't really get any more information other than that. we do know that the 1st and tazman intersection was scheduled for repair in a couple of years from now. it's not clear if being on this list is going to speed that up. mayor reed says certainly the san bruno explosion has been on his mind and certainly the question of what that means for san jose is on his mind. >> they didn't tell us a whole lot. we'll have to 2008 to see how much information
for victims. we have live team coverage following last night's explosion. we begin with claudine wong at the command center. >> reporter: good morning. we are at the command post, a few blocks from the fire center. you look behind me, see where firefighters and emergency crews are gathered this morning. this is considered a crime scene. this area on out. now that we have daylight we are getting a unique perspective of what this looks like. live above the view from our camera on our live truck it looks like we are having a little trouble getting the picture to you. we can see some smoke and some -- over the entire neighborhood where this is happening indicating this is not over yet. pictures are a huge improvement from the pictures we were looking at yesterday as the explosion raced through the area at 6:15, created inferno that destroyed the home. emergency crews are trying to account for everyone. more than 50 homes dried. 100 err acefected -- destroyed and 100 others affected. logistically they are trying to get hundreds of firefighters where they need to be. there are several stree
toxins, along with the dust. ktvu's claudine wong is out there now. she'll bring us a live report at 7:30. >>> oakland police are looking for at least three gunmen outside of a bar and nightclub. it happened just five hours ago, on 14th and webster street. ktvu's kraig debro joins us live with more. >> hi, good morning. it all stemmed from this nightclub. people filed out of here. and some went down the street. in fact, you see the guy sweeping up right there. you're going to see in a second, two bullet holes went through that window. one witness said up to seven people pulled out guns and opened fire here on webster this morning. stray bullets landed everywhere. two in the front window of a bank where you saw that guy sleeping. across the street, a plate glass window was shot out. and the front windshield of a mercedes suv. two people were also shot. the motive was an attempted robbery, where the victim refused, he was shot twice. the unidentified man was taken to highland hospital. police say he has nonlife- threatening injuries. but those set off gunfire. police say at least two peo
members named in the injunction. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. >> republican and gub nat torian candidate meg whitman went on offense to attack the accusations by a former housekeeper. whitman called the allegations she knowingly employed an illegal worker brown-motivated. it's part of the political smear engineered by jerry brown and attorney gloria allred. >> this is a political smear on me, on my family and based on lies and designed to divert attention to the issues that really matter to california voters. >> attorney allred who represents the house speaker is set to speak about the allegations, if she begins speaking to the newscast. diaz worked for whitman for nine years. whitman claims whitman fired here, to pleas to getting help for getting a green card and before she started her run for governor. we post excerpts from diaz and whitman. you'll find those on the political news on election 2010 tab. >>> narcotics investigators are at the scene of a huge marijuana bust right now in brentwood in east contra costa county. this is footage from news chopper 2
the city council decided to keep the campuses open. ktvu's claudine wong joins us with reaction. >> reporter: the votes are in and looks like kennedy is not going to close after all. it's one of three schools on the closure list. as you mentioned this was a late night vote but that vote means they will keep their doors open. now this was a school closure list established last year. and it's been a very passionate issue. the community has been outspoken in this debate and last night's public comment session took about 90 minutes. the closure list was creates because of district declining enrollment. all were set to close at the end of this school year. several others on that list have already closed. but the community's been rallying and last month city and school officials pledged to try to get creative to save these three schools. the question was whether to use $1.5 million from the general fund to cooperate doors open. last night the city decided to do just that. certainly there are many people there happy about that decision. >> for the students it means another year to be a
it was dramatically reduced. ktvu's claudine wong joining us now with more on why that bail was lowered. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. it all has to do with the charges he faces or could face. we are on upland court. behind me is charles' home. that is where two bodies were found a little more than a week ago. hours after those bodies were found he was arrested. but this morning he's free on bail. and that is largely because prosecutors say they don't expect to file charges against him in connection with the deaths at least not any time soon. that is why his bail hearing was reduced yesterday from $2 million to $25,000. he still faces explosive charges for chemicals found in his home last week. but at this point it appears all of that is unrelated to the deaths of his wife and her friend. what happened to them is still being sorted out. but initially police were concerned because it appeared the bodies had been decomposing for some time in the house and believed he had been living there any way. but his lawyer tells a different story telling reporters yesterday that the bod
county are getting the upper hand on a fire along 101 not far from sir frances drake. claudine wong joins us from the scene. we understand there was some concern but the homes open the hillside. >> reporter: that's right. pam. of course they were concerned. there are homes just behind here. take a look. you can see the firefighters on this hillside. this is where the fire was. they are now telling me the closest home is 100 feet from where they were able to stop the fire so no homes are threatened at this point. they do have one lane of southbound 101 -- we are just before the sir frances drake exit. that lane is shut down so the firefighters can do their work. firefighters from san rafael as well as others around here because we are right on that line here on southbound 101. what firefighters are telling me this morning is that this fire started somewhere around 4:00. they started getting calls from people driving by seeing the flames along this grassy hillside just behind this wall. at one point the first firefighter on scene told me it really caught a tree and then, you know, just went
in a couple of hours. claudine wong is in san bruno with more on the efforts to remember these victims. claudine? >> reporter: we're live in the disaster zone, where cleanup and recovery is going to continue. those who lost two people in this horrific tragedy will also remember and try to say goodbye. funeral services will be held for jacqueline greig and her daughter janessa. she was a student body president at her school and friends described her as a role model. the two are surviveed by the husband and father james and their sister, gabby. >> we know they are in god's hands. it's the holes in our heart that need filling. >> reporter: now, a vigil took place last night in remembrance of 20-year-old jessica morales. who was also -- who was also killed last thursday. her boyfriend is still in the hospital. last night, mourners lit candles to remember jessica and to mourn her. her mother thanks everybody. >> i thank you for your love. i know you recognize me. i know you know who my daughter is. just you looking at me and giving me a look of encouragement, that means a lot to me. >> repo
at -- held at uc davis and claudine wong is live with more on what we can expect tonight. >> reporter: the event will be held here on the campus. they got the cherry picker there. they are setting things up. we've seen the police officers out here doing patrols. there are people setting up tents as well as -- for the debate. i want to talk to you about the general feel of the campus. are people excited about this debate tonight? >> well, i think the people are very excited that it's here on our campus and we're very proud of our center. we feel good that we're at the center of something very important. i think tonight is very important for a lot of people. up until now, it's been just sound bites and ads. we haven't had had a chance to see the candidates off camera. >> reporter: we know one in five voters are still undecided in california. you guys are thinking -- you are graduating next year. what happens for california? you've seen tuition rates go up and student fees. what do you think people are most concerned about? i mainly want to hear what is their plan to fix things in califo
to begin cleaning up what's left of the homes destroyed by the blast. ktvu's claudine wong spoke to the environmental director about this task. and she joins us live. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: yes, i just spoke with dean peterson, who is the director of the environmental health division of the county. he wants to get crews back to work. i want you to take a look behind me. we are on clairemont and vermont. and you can see the devastation throughout here. work is going really three home sites at a time. so you can see kind of in distance where there is an excavator and bulldozer over there. we assume that that's where some of the work will be going on. they are going piece by piece back here. and that process does continue. this morning, dean peterson told me that operations yesterday, which was the first day of demolition, went well. the first to actually finish yesterday as planned. but they are expected to be cleared up sometime this morning. and crews move onto the next three. there were more than three dozen homes destroyed. and so far, the county has been given th
and developing story. kraig debro will have more on the suspect but we begin with claudine wong. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, yes, members of the atf or still out here and they could be out here for quite a while. they are actually in the backyard of this home behind me trying to deal with explosive chemicals found inside. those chemicals found after the bodies of two women were discovered here. the police investigation into their deaths is underway but this is just the beginning of this complex case with multiple victims, crime scenes and so many questions. >>> this is where 63-year-old deana allen lived with her husband. she went missing last wednesday along with her friend carol smart. police say allen's husband, 73- year-old charles rite inhouse, filed a missing person's report on sunday. neighbors say they were told by police to call them as soon as they spotted him. the neighbor made that call around midnight when he came home. >> i guess i was instructed to. they were looking for somebody, said if you see -- if you see anyone here, call the police. i say midnight. o
on a big rig. claudine wong has more on the pilot's condition and the f.a.a. investigation. >> reporter: it's hard for imagine anyone survived this mangled mess that was a crop dust helicopter. at about 6:00 this morning, 63- year-old frank gomes had just taken off when he came crashing down upside down on got already busy lanes of southbound highway 101 in salinas. it happened just in front of a big rig. >> we did talk to the big rig driver that was driving when this helicopter landed, crashed directly in front of him. and he was able to avoid just narrowly hitting the helicopter. >> hit his brakes? >> hit his brakes and swerved and missed it by about five feet. >> incredibly, this pilot survived a crash with only minor injuries. in fact, when the chp got here, he was hanging upside down, still seatbelted in. >> he was conscious and was able to tell us what happened. he went back to what happened, does not appear he ever lost consciousness. his seatbelt probably saved his life. according to the pilot, he got disoriented in the fog and got a little vertigo and lost control. >> reporter: the
to the death of his of his girlfriend. claudine wong is live with the details. >> reporter: there are multiple crime scenes apparentlily and multiple confessions in this case. we're at glen cove park where police believe this killing may have actually happened. the victim only lives a few blocks from here. her vehicle was parked in the back raft parking lot. we don't know exactly what led up to all of this. police are trying to figure all of this out but we can tell you the 33-year-old victim was just around the corner from where we're. neighbors told us that she's lived there for a few years. police went to her home yesterday after getting a 9/11 call from the accused killer's estranged wife. she told police 39-year-old william u bondo told her he killed his girlfriend of ten months. police went to her home but find no sign of her. then sometime later they got a call about a truck in the parking lot of glen cove park, which, again, is just blocks from the victim's home. that truck belongs to campoway. it was covered with a large amount of blood but still no sign of either campowit until ubo
of uc davis. that's where claudine wong joins us with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're standing in front of the center where this debate will be held. meg whitman has taken a look inside a couple weeks ago. jerry brown expected to get his first look this afternoon of the both will be doing technical walk-thrus this afternoon. after months of ads and air way attacks, this is the first debate in this race for governor. in hours, meg whitman and jerry brown will stand here in front of a crowd of almost 1,000 for their first gubernatorial debate. the two according to polls are in a dead heat. in this first debate it's critical. >> there is no guarantee that there will be a second or third. the reality of politics, you never know. >> there are other reasons to watch this debate. after months of ads, this will be a sort of getting to know you session. whitman is a new comer to the political scene, but while brown may be a veteran politician, the younger you are, the less you may know. >> his time in california as governor was so long ago, meg whitman had a much more contested primary.
and vallejo, bomb squad units are at two locations. claudine wong starts our coverage in vallejo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have moved over. we are in the yard next to a storage facility. you can see behind me the bomb squad here working a storage locker. we are told by our police sources that this is all related to this case. the bomb squad actually has two locations in vallejo they are trying to get to. they are trying to process this one and one on upland court. that one is secondary. we were just over on upland court and that is where police say the bodies of two women were found overnight. the husband of one of those women has been taken into custody. and those details are still unfolding. these women were reported missing last wednesday. 60-year-old carol smart and her friend 67-year-old deana allen. it was ellen who actually knew the suspect that people have been talking about in this case. because he according to family members stayed at the home and sometimes passed himself off as her son. they have been missing again since last wednesday and the confusion has been h
of last thursday's huge blast. we are going to begin our coverage of all of this with claudine wong, she has the latest on this investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, we are live over at the command post on glenview and san bruno just up from the disaster site. we were talking to the nts b this morning. certainly they are looking at all aspects of this explosion. how it could possibly start and how pg&e responded. one of the things they are looking at are the valves. we know they are looking at the welds on that specific pipe. but this took over an hour and a half to shut down once this fire started. first responders are seeing this fireball that was never ending because they could not shut off the gas, they had to do it manually, and actually had to go down into separate areas and turn that off. the question is why weren't their automatic valves that would have shut down immediately? we talked to the ntsb about that this morning. >> what actually occurred was the responders were notified. they saw a pressure drop in their monitoring system. that is one of the
moments. let's start our coverage with claudine wong, she has been talking with the ntsb about where this investigation is going. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, certainly the ntsb has a lot of work in front of it but they are finished with the pipe hire at the site. they are, however, not ready to leave yet because they still have a lot to do. they are headed this morning to a monitoring site in san francisco to talk to the employees there to look at records and to conduct interviews. this morning there is also a lot of talk about the add -- the valves the shut off valves that were near this 30 inch natural gas line pipe. pg&e says it took crews time to get two manual shut oofl valves -- to get them shut off. which was about a mile away from the explosion sight. it took 90 minutes for them to shut down, which as you can imagine felt like an eternity for crews dealing with this out of control fireball. some asked why there was no automatic shut off valves. well the ntsb tooled me they are not required and aren't actually common on pipes of the size. more likely to
. the three are officially listed as missing. we have claudine wong with the latest. >> reporter: we are in san bruno at this hour where clean up will continue today. we are in the process of he can saying good-bye to victims lost in the tragedy. funeral services will be held for jacklin and her daughter. last night, more than 1,000 people filled st. cecelia's in san francisco. friends describe her as a role model who always had a smile on her face. they described her mother as a devoted one. they are survived by her husband and oldest daughter who were not home at the time. >> they are in god's hands. it is the holes in our heart that need healing and need to be filled. >> reporter: a vigil also took place last night in remembrance of 20-year-old jessica morales. she was home watching football with her boyfriend when the blast hit. he is still in the hospital with severe burns. friends lit candles and held a moment of silence for the survival and mourn the loss of jessica morales. >> i thank everybody for their love. i know that you recognize me and i know you know who my daughter i
of levan and greg and william were found in the home. we have claudine wong with what is being done to remember the victims. >> reporter: good morning. you know for days we have been out here in san bruno looking at the incredible damage behind us in the neighborhood. we have been so struck by the loss to the community and neighborhood. the greatest loss in all of this is the loss of life. the grieving today will continue with funerals for two of the victims. 44-year-old jacklin and her 13- year-old daughter. there was a vigil at st. cecelia's in san francisco. more than 1,000 people came out to remember and mourn. friends describe jacklin as a devoted mother. they remember the girl as a role model who always had a smile on her face. they played this video of her confirmation. there was also a vigil last night for 20-year-old jessica morales. she was at home at the time of the blast watching a football game with her boyfriend. her boyfriend survived, but is in the hospital. last night, friends prayed for his recovery and they mourned jessica morales' loss. >> i could not go to sleep
dozen homes destroyed by the gas pipeline fire and explosion. claudine wong is out there with the latest aced all the details. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, demolition will begin again, once again at about 8:00 this morning as crews continue to try to clear debris from this san bruno neighborhood. they are trying to get it back open in just a few weeks. it was a very busy day yesterday. we are on glenview just up the hill from where the crater is where this all happened. that is one of the areas they are focused on this morning. air monitors are being used to make sure levels stay safe. it is unrecognizable and emotional. certainly crews well aware they are dealing with someone's home. they are being as careful as possible. we talked to them yesterday. they survived and watched them scoop up the home they had lived in for decades and dumped what was -- what was left. >> they picked up my rv and just threw it in the garbage can and there wasn't too much of it left to throw in actually. >> almost a sense of lows sure it is really over and to see the big jaws come and lift up our ca
to take away what is left of the homes destroyed by the blast. claudine wong is live on the scene right now with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, we have moved to clairmont and vermont and this is one area of this naibtd that is not being demolished right now. you can actually tell the progress they are making by these signs they have put in front of these homesites. they have a basic check list toted tell them where things stand as far as clearing and cleaning this site. as you can see this one has quite a bit of debris on it and they have jet to go town the six step process. they are going by piece by piece through this neighborhood. only three at a time but they are hoping to clear out all of this in just a few weeks. now there are a couple of things that are happening today that we are watching. first things are really expecting to start picking up pace wise. yesterday the county said it was really going to go slowly, take its time because it was the first day of demolition, but they do want to get this cleared by the first of october, the start o
apologized. coming up in the next half- hour, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2news. >> watch more from last night's debate on our channel 2 website, ktvu.com. you will find the links and all of the latest election news under the election 2010 tab. >> an oakland police search is underway for a second suspect this morning after a man was shot right outside highland hospital. this happened shortly after 5:00 p.m. on 31st street near the highland hospital entrance. the vick, a 22-year-old man was critically wounded. one suspect has already been arrested but police are still out there looking for a second gunman. ktvu news has been told that this shooting is connected to an earlier shooting at 89th avenue and mcauthor boulevard. >> a federal judge blocked the execution scheduled at san quintin this week. it was set to take place tomorrow night at san quintin's new death chamber but last night the judge cancelled the execution saying more time is needed to determine if california's new lethal injection procedures amount to cruel and unusual pinnish. the judge's decision came 24 hours after the 9t
. claudine wong is there with the latest on this. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're on glenview drive. i want to give you a perspective of where we are. as we get closer to the devastation, it really is striking. if we go down, you can see the pipe in question that's in this huge crater that's been capped off. that's where a lot of the evidence has been found. we want to give you a perspective of what is around that or what isn't around that anymore. you can see what is left of a home that's left, all that's left is this chimney standing there and really just remnants of the home that once sat there. if we go up further, you can see how hot it burned the trees up there. not much left of them and beyond that, you can see another home or really what was left of another home. just two of the homes that were taken by this explosion and fire. now, certainly, the investigation is focused around that area. the ntsb says it's finished with its work now and that's because they believe the 30- inch pipe they took from the crater will hold crucial answers. those answers need
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